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Dogs at Work

Dogs at Work



As leaders with consultative and strategic thinking skills, we know the importance of finding and placing the right people on the team, and in the right positions.  Over the past number of years, we at Old Lazy Dog have had the opportunity to hone and develop the following skills that may be beneficial to you, and your team:


·         Leadership Development

·         Sales Management and Coaching

·         Team Building and Ownership

·         Relationship Building

·         Consultative B2B Sales

·         Consultative Consumer Sales

·         Business and Economic development

·         Strategic Planning

·         Tactical and Creative Thinking


The Market Place Ministry arm of Old Lazy Dog affords many opportunities for us to lead, develop, motivate and speak with a number of group type settings:


*     B-Men  - Developing Men to be Men, Dog Like Faith, Living a Legacy, Overcoming Being Numb/Luke Warm, Get Out of the Boat & Walk,

                      and Real Men Worship

*     College Students - Dog Like Faith, Overcoming Becoming Numb/Luke Warm, Living a Legacy - Now, and Get Out of the Boat & Walk.

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